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Women’s Hair Loss

Ladies … Change your hair. Change your life!

Healthy hair plays an important role in a person’s overall appearance, especially in women. However, not all women have healthy hair. The fact is, most women experience hair loss at sometime in their lives. Because hair plays an important part in a woman’s overall appearance, hair loss can become a major issue from a physical and psychological standpoint.

No matter where you are … in a restaurant, in line at the grocery store or at the swimming pool … you’re bound to notice a woman with great hair. Unfortunately, You might also notice a woman whose hair is so thin you can see her scalp.

Hair is considered a sign of beauty in most cultures, and women spend hours on treating their hair to make it look great. Beautiful and healthy hair is admired by everyone, which is why hair loss or thinning hair in women can pose a major problem. Unexpected hair loss is often devastating, and it can lead to stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

For this reason, it is important to arrange a ‘Free Consultation’ with Dr. Bruce Marko.  Dr. Marko is a ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’ and specializes in scalp hair restoration and eyebrow restoration for women.

For answers to your questions or to schedule a ‘Free Consultation’, please call Lee Millard at (888) 923-7497, send him a text on his cell at (801) 891-8063 or email You can also reach us by entering your contact information below.  Lee is available to help you 7 days a week.

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