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Advanced Hair Transplants – Who We Are

For most of us, losing our hair is a natural part of growing older. In fact, according to recent figures, roughly a quarter of men start to experience hair loss by the age of 30. That number jumps to more than 60% by the time men reach their 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately, women don’t fare much better when it comes to losing their hair. Nearly 60% of women see a noticeable amount of hair thinning or loss at some point in their lives. Thankfully, hair loss isn’t a burden you have to live with. Due to modern restoration techniques, hair loss can be effectively corrected. Just ask one of the country’s top providers of hair loss solutions, Advanced Hair Transplants.

Advanced Hair Transplants Services

The team of experts at Advanced Hair Transplants has more than 20 years of experience with providing hair loss solutions for both men and women. At their facilities, Advanced Hair Transplants offers a wide range of services, including follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), but that’s only the beginning. They also offer facial hair restoration packages, allowing you to replace hair that you may have lost from your beard, goatee, sideburn, or eyebrow areas. Additionally, if you’re interested in a less-invasive hair restoration procedure, Advanced Hair Transplants also offers low-level laser therapy, which can reactivate hair cells and promote the growth of new hairs.

Advanced Hair Transplants’ greatest claim to fame, however, is its trademarked MAX DENSITY® procedure. A propriety method for hair transplantation, MAX DENSITY® offers a number of benefits. For starters, more hairs are transplanted with MAX DENSITY®, allowing for greater overall thickness. Moreover, the procedure takes less time and requires less anesthesia when compared to other transplantation procedures. Perhaps best of all, the MAX DENSITY® procedure is more cost-effective and patients have a shorter recovery time than with traditional types of hair transplantation.

The Man Behind It All

The MAX DENSITY procedure was developed by Dr. Bruce Marko, who serves as the medical director for Advanced Hair Transplants. Dr. Marko is a board-certified hair restoration surgeon who has personally performed thousands of transplant procedures in his career. Also, he is a member of both the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery as well as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. In addition to being at the forefront of the hair restoration industry for more than 16 years, Dr. Marko is also a hair transplant patient himself, giving him a better understanding of his patients’ needs.

With the services that Advanced Hair Transplants offers, there is no reason to suffer with hair loss any longer. Not only does Advanced Hair Transplants have affordable financing options, but they also offer a travel allowance to patients who have to travel over 100 miles to one of their facilities.

To learn more about Advanced Hair Transplants, please visit us at www.advancedhairtransplants.com, call Lee at (888) 923-7497, or send an email to lee@advancedhairtransplants.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Las Vegas Hair Transplant Cost

Las Vegas Hair Transplant Cost

Las Vegas hair transplant cost is based on the amount of hair loss and the type of procedure chosen.  You might choose FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). FUT is the ‘strip method’ and FUE is the method whereby grafts are extracted with a motorized punch device. There is also the trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure where you get more hair in one procedure than either FUT or FUE.

Las Vegas hair surgeons typically charge by the graft or “follicular unit”, and the price can vary from $3 per graft to $9 per graft depending on the procedure you choose.

GRAFTS - 1,2,3,4

Is this 4 grafts of 11 grafts? What are you paying for? Do you know? Find out! Call (702) 994-2133 & ask for Lee.

The issue with charging by the graft is the fact that most people don’t know how many hairs are in a graft. A doctor can tell you he’s going to transplant a thousand grafts, but … how much hair are you actually getting? Are you getting 1000 hairs, 2000 hairs or more?  The reality is you want to know how much hair you’re getting, not how many grafts!

Las Vegas hair transplant cost should be based on how much hair you are getting, and not how many grafts!  Do you know how much hair you are getting when you pay by the graft? We can tell you what others won’t, and we guarantee you a great value when you are searching for Las Vegas hair transplant cost!

Two different doctors could transplant 1000 grafts on twin brothers and get a totally different result. The “result” depends on how many hairs you are actually getting, and … how many actually grow from the procedure. Are you getting 1000 one hair grafts, 1000 two hair grafts, or 1,000 grafts that consist of one hair, two hairs, and three hairs? Are you getting any multiple follicular units which could have five or six hairs per graft?  Do you really know what you’re getting when you pay by the graft?



Dr. Christopher Khorsandi MD, is a ‘Board Certified Plastic Surgeon’ with more than 10 years of hair restoration experience.  He is also a certified MAX DENSITY®  Hair Restoration Surgeon. A MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure is ‘different and better’ than the typical FUT or FUE surgery because you get more hair!! Here’s why:

Dr. Khorsandi examines each patient for ‘donor hair density’ and ‘scalp flexibility’.  He then measures and extracts the ‘maximum number of hairs possible’ to give each patient maximum density!. The larger the harvest, the more density you will get from one MAX DENSITY® procedure. Considering the fact that the average person has 200 hairs per square centimeter on their scalp, most patients have a yield of 6,000-8,000 hairs from 30 sq. cm. of donor tissue!

Khorsandi - FUE Before Photo


Khorsandi - FUE After Photo


The trademarked MAX DENSITY® Hair Transplant Procedure gives you MORE HAIR FOR THE MONEY IN ONE SURGERY, when compared to the typical Las Vegas hair transplant cost of a traditional ‘Pay-By-The-Graft-Surgery’.

With a MAX DENSITY® Hair Transplant Procedure, you will: 1) spend less money and get more hair 2) less time in the surgery chair, 2) you will have less post-operative swelling, 3) you heal more quickly, 4) you will get MAXIMUM DENSITY and a ‘natural looking result’!

MORE HAIR when you compare our Las Vegas hair transplant cost to theirs!!

You get more hair and a better result because of Dr. Khorsandi’s unique harvesting/surgical techniques, and his ‘elite surgical team’. His surgical team has decades of experience and amazing skills when it comes to helping a patient achieve the best possible hair restoration result. Our technicians are passionate about their work!  They meticulously prepare and transplant grafts for maximum hair growth. You will get more hair when comparing our Las Vegas hair transplant cost with our competitors.  Schedule a ‘Free Consultation’ today by calling (702) 994-2133.

LESS SURGERY TIME  because our surgical team has decades of experience! For this reason, our procedures are precise and efficient so you are in and out of surgery in less time!

NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS and your friends, family members and even your stylist won’t believe you’ve had a hair transplant.

INCONSPICUOUS SCAR We challenge you to find the scar following the procedure. Our team takes pride in eliminating as much scar visibility as possible.  An inconspicuous scar is our goal for every hair restoration patient. ______________________________________________________________________________ To learn  more about the trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair restoration rocedure, please go to www.advancedhairtransplants.com.  For more information call Lee Millard at (888) 923-7497 or (702) 994-2133.

Las Vegas Hair Transplants

Las Vegas Hair Transplants

If you are looking for a Las Vegas Hair Transplants surgeon who is ‘Board Certified in Hair Restoration’, please contact Dr. Bruce Marko.  Dr. Marko has more than 16 years experience dedicated to hair transplants. He offers Las Vegas hair transplants patients natural looking results and maximum hair density in one procedure.

Dr. Marko is a dedicated hair transplant specialist and is also a hair restoration patient.  He understands the emotional turmoil a Las Vegas hair transplants person has in their mind when they are considering a hair restoration procedure. The good news is that hair transplants are the ‘permanent solution’ to a temporary hair loss issue. If you are looking for a compassionate hair restoration surgeon, contact Dr. Marko today at (888) 923-7497.

Dr. Marko offers Las Vegas hair transplants patients all proven hair loss solutions including FUT, FUE, and his trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair restoration procedure. It is called MAX DENSITY® because unlike the typical pay-per-graft surgery, you are getting max density grafts rather than those single hair grafts offered by many companies out to make more money rather than give you more hair.

Dr. Marko - SittingIf you do nothing to stop the progression of your hair loss, it will continue to get worse. Dr. Marko offers Las Vegas Hair Transplants patients Prescription & Non-Prescription Medications and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as adjunct therapies to slow down or stop hair loss.   Find out how it’s different!

Dr. Marko’s Las Vegas area surgical facility is located at 2779 Sunridge Heights Parkway, Suite 100 in Henderson. Find out how he gives you more hair density in a single procedure than you can find anywhere else in the Las Vegas area.

Traveling from outside the Las Vegas area? Patients who want a hair restoration procedure and live outside the Las Vegas area are given a travel allowance to help cover expenses.  To learn more about our patient travel allowance, please call Lee at (888) 923-7497 or (702) 994-2133.

You can also email lee at lee@advancedhairtransplants.com or visit us at advancedhairtransplants.com.

Bye Bye Bald Spot

MAX DENSITY®  For Thinning Crown.

Are you one of those men who has a bald spot? Are you hearing comments from friends, co-workers and family members that you are going bald? Were you shocked to see photos of yourself, not realizing you have a bald spot in the back of your head?

Are you trying to deal with your bald spot by wearing hats, using powder cover-ups or growing the hair long enough on the top to comb over it? Are you sitting in the back of church because you don’t want anyone to notice your bald spot?

There are over 60 million men and women walking around the world with thinning crowns and bald spots! If you’re losing your hair or going bald in your crown, you are probably losing your self esteem as well. Maybe this sounds like no big deal, until this hair loss problem happens to you.The bad news. Once the bald spot starts, odds are it will continue to get larger and larger!

So where do you go from here? The good news is there are options to fix your bald spot,
Schedule a Free “In Person Consultation” with Dr. Bruce Marko in Charlotte, NC or with Dr. Eric Holzer in our San Francisco (Bay Area) location. If you do not live near one of our offices, you can get a ‘Free Hair Loss Photo Review’ by emailing your photos to lee@advancedhairtransplants.com.

If you are having hair loss issues, your best option is to see a ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’. Dr. Marko and Dr. Holzer fall into this category, and they work with hair restoration patients and hair transplant surgery every day, Our doctors can recommend prescription / non-prescription medications like Propecia (Finasteride), Rogaine (Minoxidil) or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that can help slow or stop the hair loss.

It is extremely important that you take the step first and see a doctor. The longer you wait, the more hair loss you will experience. With prevention therapy (pills, topicals, lasers) you are taking a giant step to keep the hair you still have. Preventative The goal is to not lose your original hair. These therapies might not create the result you want for your bald spot, and you might need more hair to cover it.

Bottom line: You want to keep all the hair you have on your head, and if you have areas that are too thin or bald, you should consider a hair transplant procedure in our Charlotte, Las Vegas or San Francisco (Bay Area) Surgical Center.

Our doctor will analyze your hair loss and give you his recommendation, If your loss isn’t much, you can start a preventative therapy to not lose any more hair. If you can’t deal with the bald spot and need it filled-in, then it’s time for a hair transplant procedure in our Charlotte, Las Vegas or Pleasanton, CA surgical center.

Dr. Marko created the trademarked MAX DENSITY® Whorl Procedure. This unique and advanced cosmetic procedure offers ‘thicker hair and more density’ in one procedure when compared to the typical pay-by-the-graft hair transplant procedure. A MAX DENSITY® hair transplant is extremely effective for any area of the scalp, and especially the crown area (Bald spot).

The MAX DENSITY® Whorl Procedure offers a natural looking hair pattern. Follicles are angled and transplanted in a spiraling direction which emulates your original hair pattern before you lost it. This technique combines placing the maximum amount of micro and multi-follicular unit grafts in the crown area going bald.

Grafts are artistically transplanted with as much density as possible. Scabs (crusts) are gone in a week. In a few months, the bald spot will start to disappear because your transplanted hair is growing. Your bald spot is filling in with your own natural growing hair!

If you are looking for a hair transplant to fill-in your bald spot, give Advanced Hair Transplants a call at (888) 923-7497.