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Vegas Hair Transplant Cost

Vegas hair transplant cost varies, and typically the national chains charge higher prices because they spend millions on advertising to get your business. Also, many of these large chains do not have local hair transplant surgical centers, and patients must fly out of Vegas for their hair transplant procedure.


Vegas Hair Transplant Cost: FUT $4 Per Graft

At Advanced Hair Transplants, we offer all proven hair loss solutions including FUT, FUE, Prescription & Non-prescription medications and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  Our cost is less than the competition and you will have a natural looking result with maximum density because we do it different! If you are local, why fly somewhere for your procedure when we offer the best Vegas hair transplant cost?

Vegas Hair Transplant Cost: FUE $5 Per Graft

Let’s compare our Las Vegas hair transplants cost with other hair transplant office prices:

Case Study:

Michael had consultations with two doctors outside the Las Vegas market. He needed 2000 grafts.

Doctor #1 gave Michael a quote of $6 per graft for FUT (strip) and $8 per graft for FUE (punch). Doctor #2 gave a quote of $5.50 per graft for FUT and $7 per graft for FUE.

Michael contacted Advanced Hair Transplants and we offered him FUT at $4 per graft and FUE at $5 per graft. Michael was excited because we offered him a lower price per graft, and offered a Travel Allowance to cover his airfare, hotel for 2 nights, and ground transportation if he flew to Vegas. He ended up with a more hair for less money, and got to spend a few days in Vegas!

Advanced Hair Transplants offers a Travel Allowance for all Vegas hair transplant patients who travel from anywhere in the U.S.

2000 Grafts:

Doctor #1  – 2000 Grafts / FUT: $12,000 or FUE: $16,000
Doctor #2 – 2000 Grafts / FUT: $11,000 or FUE: $14,000
Advanced Hair Transplants – 2000 Grafts / FUT: $8000 or FUE: $10,000

If you are local, save thousands because our cost is less than our competitors!  If you do not live here, why not take a flight because our Vegas hair transplant cost is less and we offer you a Travel Allowance?

Call (702) 994-2133 today for more information!!

Hair Transplants Las Vegas


Dr. Marko - Sitting

Are you looking for hair transplants Las Vegas?   Dr. Bruce Marko is offering affordable hair transplants at only $4 per graft.

Dr. Marko offers all proven solutions for hair loss available including, FUT  (Follicular Unit Transplant), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), his trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure, and FACIAL HAIR RESTORATION for beards, eyebrows, and goatees.

Dr. Bruce Marko is a ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’ with 16 years experience, and has performed thousands of hair restoration procedures.  He offers affordable hair transplants and ‘world class results’ in Las Vegas.

Dr. Marko  offers affordable hair transplants to Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and Boulder City patients who want a quality procedure with unsurpassed in the Las Vegas area.

Affordable hair transplants Las Vegas are priced lower than the large chain companies because we don’t spend millions on television advertising. Please call us today at (702) 994-2133 for details.


Affordable Hair Transplants

Are you looking for Affordable Hair Transplants in Pleasanton, CA?   Dr. Eric Holzer is offering Advanced Hair Transplants at $4 per graft in Pleasanton, CA.

Dr. Holzer offers all proven hair loss solutions available for men and women including, FUT  (Follicular Unit Transplant), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FACIAL HAIR RESTORATION for eyebrows, goatees, beards and side-burns, and the trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure.

GET DOUBLE THE DENSITY WITH OUR TRADEMARKED MAX DENSITY® PROCEDURE and affordable hair transplants priced at $4 per graft in the Pleasanton, CA.  This is a limited time offer so call us today at (925) 200-7642 for details.

Dr. Eric R. Holzer, Pleasanton CA  offers ‘world class results’ if you are searching for affordable hair transplants Pleasanton, CA. Dr. Holzer – ‘BOARD CERTIFIED HAIR RESTORATION SURGEON’ WITH 20+ YEARS DEDICATED ‘EXCLUSIVELY’ TO HAIR RESTORATION.  He has treated more than 9000 Men and women from the U.S. and Europe.

Dr. Holzer opened his state of the art clinic, ERH Hair Restoration and offers affordable hair transplants in Pleasanton, CA for patients wanting quality procedures that are unsurpassed in the the hair transplant industry.

Dr. Holzer provides the most advanced hair transplants available. Call us today and schedule your advanced hair transplants procedure at affordable hair transplants pricing of only $4 per graft.

Office: (925) 200-7642, or Gene’s cell at  (925) 918-7360, – See more at: https://www.advancedhairtransplants.com/hair-transplant/pleasanton-ca/#sthash.9FMzhIQi.dpuf