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Undetectable Scar

An ‘Undetectable Donor Site Scar’ Is Possible With Both FUT & FUE Hair Transplant Surgery.

The MAX DENSITY® FUT Procedure is unsurpassed in the world of hair restoration surgery. Created by Dr. Bruce Marko, this hair transplant procedure offers DOUBLE THE HAIR DENSITY in ONE PROCEDURE, when compared to FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the typical ‘Pay-By-The-Graft’ Procedure.

The MAX DENSITY® harvesting and transplanting techniques are the magic behind this revolutionary procedure. The ‘donor harvest’ involves making specific and fine line incisions in the donor area, which result in a ‘maximum harvest’ of hair follicles.The linear incisions are made using a ‘unique harvesting tool’, with an ‘advanced surgical technique’ which eliminates damage to the individual follicular units (grafts), and reduces the width of the linear scar.

UNDETECTABLE SCAR - 3 Days After Surgery

UNDETECTABLE SCAR – 3 Days Post-Op (The fine line scar between the stitches is virtually undetectable)

If a patient’s hair is at least 1/2″ long, or a 2 blade cut, the sutures (stitches) in the donor area will not be noticeable. The reason: The hair above the incision will be combed over the stitched area, and therefore it cannot be seen.

Dr. Marko is a ‘Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon’ and ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’ with more than 20 years experience. His specialty is hair restoration surgery. Dr. Marko’s surgical skills and techniques enable his patient’s skin to heal with a fine line linear scar which is typically less than 2mm in width. In other words, even with a short hair cut, the scar should be very difficult to see.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) SURGERY

Dr. Marko’s specialized FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) harvesting technique eliminates a linear incision altogether, because the individual follicular units (grafts) are removed one by one using a tiny circular punch device.

The disadvantage to the FUE procedure is the fact that the entire back of the patient’s head (donor area) must be shaved to perform this surgery. After leaving the clinic, the circular punches (see photo on the left below) will be visible for 7-10 days. As the hair grows back, there will be no detection of surgery.

Dr. Marko has performed thousands of hair restoration procedures for the scalp, eyebrows, mustaches, goatees, beards and scar revision repair.

Always in the forefront of hair restoration techniques and procedures, Dr. Marko created his MAX DENSITY® Hair Transplant procedure which gives his patients DOUBLE THE HAIR DENSITY in ONE PROCEDURE when compared to his competitors.

Although FUE (follicular unit extraction) has become a very popular surgical technique, it is not the ‘best option’ for everyone, and not everyone is a candidate.  FUE does offer no linear scar in the donor area, however … the tradeoff is half the density of a MAX DENSITY® Procedure.

FUE is a great hair restoration option for military personnel and anyone who wants to shave their head. It’s also a great option for eyebrow, beard, sideburns, goatee transplants, and to disguise unsightly hair transplant scars created by inexperienced hair surgeons.

In both MAX DENSITY®, FUT & FUE procedures, grafts (follicular units) are transplanted into recipient sites ‘artistically created’ by Dr. Marko. The artistry determines the angle, and graft size distribution which will determine the outcome, and the ‘look’ of the final result.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, the artistic ability of the surgeon and the manner in which he/she aesthetically creates the recipient sites and transplants each follicular unit (graft) will determine the outcome of the procedure.  Dr. Marko is an artist who treats every patient and their procedure like a unique surgical masterpiece.

In addition to Dr. Marko’s skills as a hair restoration surgeon, his surgical team is one of the best in the world averaging over ten years working with Dr. Marko.

To determine which procedure (MAX DENSITY® FUT or FUE) is best for the patient, Dr. Marko offers ‘Complimentary Consultations‘ in his office, or he can discuss your hair loss situation via Facetime, Email, or on a phone call.

MAX DENSITY®FUT, or FUE) is best for each patient, Dr. Marko offers ‘Complimentary Consultations’. Consultations are provided in our office, online via Facetime or can be as easy as a phone call.

While no one can be guaranteed a totally undetectable scar after surgery, our photos are a testament that we are totally committed to excellence, and aspire to provide the best hair restoration procedures possible for our patients.


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