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How much does a Hair Transplant Surgery cost?

Doctors in the ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANTS NETWORK perform the MAX DENSITY™ Hair Restoration Procedure. Our doctors use a specialized harvesting technique to extract the maximum number of hairs possible.  The amount of harvest is based on the patient’s ‘scalp elasticity’ and ‘size of the donor area’. For most patients the yield is 6,000-8,000 hairs! You get more hair for less money and … a great result!

Typically, doctors charge by the graft or “follicular unit”, and the pricing can vary from $3 per graft to $9 per graft depending on the procedure you choose.

Botton Line: If you’re paying by the graft, you’re paying too much money!

The problem with charging by the graft is the fact that most people don’t know how many hairs are in a graft. This is where it get’s a little “hairy.”

A doctor can tell you he’s going to transplant a thousand grafts, but depending on his integrity, … you could get 1,000 hairs, 3,000 hairs or 6,000 hairs. Unfortunately, two different doctors could transplant 1000 grafts on twin brothers and get a totally different result. The “result”… the outcome … relies on how many hairs you are actually getting from the procedure.

Are you getting 1000 one hair grafts? 1000 two hair grafts? or, 1,000 grafts that consist of one hairs, two hairs, three hairs or multiple follicular units which could have six to eight hairs per graft?  Do you really know what you’re getting when you pay by the graft?

Another critical component of the procedure is the Surgical Team.

1) Are they experienced?                                                                                                                               2) Do they love the artistic process of hair transplantation?                                                                      3)Do they work in synergy with the surgeon to achieve the best results?                                              4) Are they wanting to just “get it done” or do it right?

The 2014 MAX DENSITY™ Hair Restoration Procedure. Double The Density. One Procedure.

CHARGING BY THE GRAFT.  You can see how charging by the graft can be deceitful if you end up with a dishonest doctor. For this reason, we do not charge by the graft. We charge by the ‘amount of tissue removed’. Average hair density is approximately 200 hairs per square centimeter. If we remove 25-30 sq cm of hair, a patient can expect 5,000-6000 hairs to be transplanted.

Our goal is to give you the most hair possible in one procedure! This is why we created the MAX DENSITY™ Hair Transplant Procedure.  More hair is exactly what you’ll get with a MAX DENSITY™ . Only available from ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANTS by a Certified MAX DENSITY™ Surgeon!

As a “rough estimate”, a patient will spend $7,000-$12,000 per procedure based on the patient’s goals, the amount of available donor hair, and the elasticity of the person’s scalp.

A MAX DENSITY™ procedure is a ONE DAY PROCEDURE with a result that most doctors achieve in 2-3 surgeries. One Day, One Procedure.   MAX DENSITY™ means MORE HAIR!!

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