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Capillus® represents the finest in at-home LLLT hair restoration. With a Capillus® laser therapy cap, your journey toward a newer, fuller head of hair is guided by a licensed hair restoration professional who understands how to diagnose and treat your unique conditions.

Today, Low Level Laser (LLL) Therapy is a proven effective treatment of hair loss. The FDA has not only cleared Capillus® laser therapy caps for their safety but it is the first FDA cleared method to stop male and female pattern hair loss.

Capillus® laser therapy caps fit snugly under your favorite hat or ball cap, empowering you to manage your hair loss with the utmost convenience and discretion. Battery operated and ultra-portable, Capillus® products easily travel with you on vacation, to the office, on your favorite walk, or around the house.

Say no to messy topical foams, recurring trips to the doctors office, and upset stomachs from early morning hair loss medications. With Capillus® products, you can comfortably treat your hair loss while maintaining your normal lifestyle and daily routine. Low level laser diodes are cool to the touch, allowing daily treatment without discomfort.

Capillus, LLC has announced the release of CapillusRX™ Laser Therapy Cap with an industry leading 312 diodes. The new flex fitting cap has the most number of lasers and simultaneous coverage of any laser cap device on the market, offering 40 more lasers than the Capillus272 Pro™. The device is the first laser therapy cap to be introduced with 6-minute daily treatment sessions.

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