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Las Vegas Hair Transplant Cost

How much does a Las Vegas Hair Transplant cost?

Doctors typically charge by the graft or “follicular unit”, and the price can vary from $3 per graft to $9 per graft depending on the procedure you choose. Bottom Line:  If you’re paying by the graft, you might be paying too much money!

Compare the Las Vegas hair transplant cost. How much hair are you getting from them, vs. how much hair you are getting from us!

GRAFTS - 1,2,3,4

The problem with charging by the graft is the fact that most people don’t know how many hairs are in a graft. A doctor can tell you he’s going to transplant a thousand grafts, but depending on how he performs surgery, or his integrity, you could get 1,000 hairs, 3,000 hairs or more.

Unfortunately, two different doctors could transplant 1000 grafts on twin brothers and get a totally different result. The “result” depends on how many hairs you are actually getting, and … how many actually grow from the procedure. Are you getting 1000 one hair grafts, 1000 two hair grafts, or 1,000 grafts that consist of one hair, two hairs, and three hairs? Are you getting any multiple follicular units which could have five or six hairs per graft?  Do you really know what you’re getting when you pay by the graft?


Dr. Bruce Marko, Medical Director of ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANTS is a ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’ with more than 15 years experience.  He has performed thousands of procedures. His trademarked MAX DENSITY®  Hair Restoration Procedure is different.  Instead of charging by the graft, he moves as much hair as possible to dense-pack a specific area.  More hair when you compare our hair transplant cost with our competitors.

Dr. Marko uses a ‘specialized harvesting technique’ to extract the ‘maximum number of hairs possible’. The larger the harvest, the more density you will get from one MAX DENSITY® procedure. The amount of hair extracted from a ‘harvest’ is based on a patient’s ‘scalp elasticity’ and the ‘size of the donor area’. Considering the fact that the average person has 200 hairs per square centimeter on their scalp, most patients have a yield of 6,000-8,000 hairs from 30 sq. cm. of donor tissue!


The MAX DENSITY®  Difference   

Dr. Marko’s  trademarked MAX DENSITY® Hair Transplant Procedure gives you MORE HAIR FOR THE MONEY IN ONE SURGERY, when compared to the typical Las Vegas hair transplant cost of a traditional ‘Pay-By-The-Graft-Surgery’.

With a MAX DENSITY® Hair Transplant Procedure, you will: 1) spend less time in the surgery chair, 2) you will have less post-operative swelling, 3) you heal more quickly, 4) you will get MAXIMUM DENSITY and a ‘natural looking result’!

MORE HAIR when you compare our Las Vegas hair transplant cost to theirs!!

You get more hair and a better result because of Dr. Marko’s unique harvesting/surgical techniques, and his ‘elite surgical team’. His team has amazing skills when it comes to helping a patient achieve the best possible hair restoration result. They are passionate about their work, and their goal is always about perfection!  They meticulously prepare and preserve the integrity of the individual follicles for transplantation. No damage to the hair follicles means maximum hair density for you!

LESS SURGERY TIME  because our surgical team has decades of experience! For this reason, our procedures are precise and efficient so you are in and out of surgery in less time!

NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS and your friends, family members and even your stylist won’t believe you’ve had a hair transplant.

INCONSPICUOUS SCAR We challenge you to find the scar following the procedure. Our team takes pride in eliminating as much scar visibility as possible.  An inconspicuous scar is our goal for every hair restoration patient. _________________________________________________________________________________  To learn  more about Dr. Marko’s trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair restoration rocedure, please go to  For more information call Lee Millard at (888) 923-7497. – See more at: