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Las Vegas Hair Restoration

Las Vegas Hair Restoration Patients Win Big With MAX DENSITY® 

‘We do it Different! One Procedure. Double The Density’. More Hair for Less Money, says Dr. Bruce Marko, Medical Director and founder of Advanced Hair Transplants in Las Vegas. Dr. Marko is now offering his trademarked MAX DENSITY® Procedure to Las Vegas hair restoration patients!  Dr. Marko is a ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’ with 15 years experience and has performed thousands of hair restoration procedures!  He is one of only a handful of “Fellowship Trained Hair Transplant Physicians” in the world.

At Advanced Hair Transplants, Dr. Marko offers a wide variety of hair loss solutions to Las Vegas Hair Restoration Patients including Prescription & Non-Prescriptions Meds, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant / Strip), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Facial Hair Restoration (eyebrows, goatees, beards, side-burns), Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT), and his trademarked MAX DENSITY® Procedure.

During the past 30 years, paying-by-the-graft has been the ‘Gold Standard’ in hair restoration surgery. Not the case anymore!!  Dr. Marko’s new MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure is crushing the competition, and giving Las Vegas hair restoration patients ‘Double The Density in One Procedure’, when compared to the old style surgery of paying by the graft.

Dr. Bruce Marko says, ‘MAX DENSITY® gives patients the best possible result’.

Dr. Marko says, ‘MAX DENSITY® gives patients the best possible result when it comes to maximum hair density. We do it different!!  MAX DENSITY® takes less time than other hair restoration procedures, not as much anesthesia is used, there is less post-operative swelling, recovery time is faster, and the final result is natural looking.

We are talking about Las Vegas, but there’s no gambling here.  As many of Dr. Marko’s Las Vegas hair restoration patients will agree, his great results aren’t luck. ‘When I met Dr. Marko, says patient Stephen Dove, he recommended the MAX DENSITY® procedure. It made sense to me and I did it.  It paid off and changed my life!!”