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Our Team


Dr. Marko - SittingDr. Bruce Marko MD

Advanced Hair Transplants Medical Director and Founder. Dr. Marko has 19 years experience and has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures.  As well as being Board Certified, Dr. Marko spent a year doing a fellowship specializing in hair restoration.  His passion and dedication to the hair restoration industry inspired him to create the MAX DENSITY® Hair Restoration Procedure.

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Dr. Khorsandi - SuitDr. Christopher Khorsandi MD

Dr. Khorsandi is a ‘Hair Restoration Surgeon’ and ‘Board Certified Plastic Surgeon’ with 14 years experience in hair restoration procedures including MAX DENSITY® FUT, FUE, and Facial Hair Restoration for beards, goatees, and eyebrows.

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Lee MillardLee Millard

Lee first noticed he was going bald in his late 20’s, and it haunted him every time he looked in the mirror. He was self-conscious because it made him look and feel older. It crushed his self-esteem. He decided to have a hair transplant and it changed his life.

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Gene GasparGene Gaspar

Gene began losing his hair at 23 years of age. Even though he felt young, he was looking older because his hair line was receding. He researched his options, and made the decision to try a hairpiece. It wasn’t long before he realized he wanted natural growing hair, and did away with the hair system.

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Patrick Tafoya

Patrick Tafoya highlights our Award Winning Hair Transplant Team. He has worked over 30 years in the hair restoration industry. He is a respected author on the subject and an inventor of hair restoration equipment. Patrick is among the most skilled and knowledgeable hair restoration technicians in the country, having experience in all techniques (past and present).

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