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Monthly Archives: November 2014


Are you the victim of a hair transplant surgery that looks unnatural and has a ‘pluggy look’? Do you notice people staring at your hair line, instead of looking you in the eye? If your self-esteem has been destroyed by a terrible hair restoration procedure, there’s no need to worry anymore. We fix bad hair transplants!

At ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANTS, Dr. Bruce Marko utilizes the most advanced surgical tools and unique hair restoration techniques to fix bad hair transplants that include unsightly “doll hair plugs”, unnatural hair lines, and wide visible scars in the donor area.

Let’s face it. The reason you had hair restoration surgery to begin with, was because you were losing your self esteem as fast as you were losing your hair.  You didn’t want people staring at your thinning hair, you didn’t want to go bald, BUT … you didn’t want a bad hair transplant!

Unfortunately, you ended up with a bad hair transplant surgery, and you look worse now than you did before! People are staring at those unsightly hair plugs, and your self esteem is worse then ever! Your hair doesn’t look natural, and you are wondering why?

In the past, doctors used a punch biopsy instrument, to remove circular plugs from the donor area (located in the back of your head). These plugs often contained 15-20 hairs in one graft. The same punch biopsy tool used to remove the plugs, was also used to punch the holes in the recipient site area of the scalp (The recipient site area is where the hair was being transplanted).These plugs, when transplanted in the hair line and scalp did give a patient more hair, however, they did not look natural.

In reality, your hair grows in natural bundles (follicular units/grafts) of 1,2,3 or 4 hairs. It stands to reason why plugs of 15-20 hairs do not look natural.

Your bad hair transplant surgery can be fixed with a MAX DENSITY® Corrective Procedure.  How you ask? Here’s the answer: Dr. Marko artistically transplants smaller grafts, and blends them with those unsightly plugs. The smaller grafts camouflage the plugs, and the result is natural looking hair.If your hair line looks like ‘corn rows’, or looks totally unnatural, Dr. Marko can fix it.

If you have an ugly looking hair line, Dr. Marko will make those unsightly plugs disappear. If you need to hide even more plugs behind the hair line, Dr. Marko will add various sized grafts (2’s, 3’s, 4’s) to give you more density and a thicker, more natural looking head of hair.

If you are interested in fixing a BAD HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY, please call ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANTS today at (888) 923-7497!