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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Hair Restoration Options & Cost

There are several options available with respect to restoring an individual’s hair.  It is in the best interest of a patient (male or female) to have a consultation with a ‘Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon’ like Dr. Bruce Marko, to get the best recommendation.


Option #1 is low level light therapy from a laser device.  There are In Office Units whereby a patient is assigned a regimented program, typically 3 times per week for several months. The cost of this program can range from $2500-$3500 per year.  Laser Cap costs range from $900-$3000, and hand held LLT units like the Hair Max Laser Comb can be purchased for $250-$350.


  • Patients who use LLT Therapy must continue to use these devices on a regimen, otherwise the benefits will regress.


Option #2 is the non-prescription medication, Rogaine that costs about $50.00 per month, or the generic form, Minoxidil that costs about $25 per month.


  • Patients who use these non-prescription medications must continue their use on a regimen, otherwise the benefits will regress.


Option #3 is the prescription medication, Propecia (1mg) that costs about $75 per month, or the generic form Finasteride (1mg), priced at $35-$50 per month depending on where you buy it.


  • Patients who use these prescription drugs must continue their use on a regimen, otherwise the benefits will regress.


Option #4 is a hair restoration procedure which can be completed in 1-3 sessions depending on an individual’s degree of hair loss, the type of procedure they choose (FUT, FUE, MAX DENSITY®) , and their budget.  The overall cost can range from three thousand to thirty thousand dollars ($3,000-$30,000+).


  • Patients who opt for hair transplant surgery have the benefit of a life time result.  Transplanted hair lasts a lifetime.


A patient must understand desired outcomes when comparing the costs of various treatment plans. When using non-prescription and prescription drugs, they are typically slow acting and re-grow hair with variable success.


Hair transplantation is different and offers a guaranteed result. Because hair from the donor area has a different genetic code than hair on the top of the head, it is programmed to grow for a life time. In reality, a doctor is moving permanent hair from the back of the head, transplanting it to the top of the head, and as a result it will grow for the rest of the person’s life. The amount of donor hair transplanted has a 90-95+% success rate depending on the harvesting technique of the surgeon, and the skills of the surgical team working with the doctor.


In general, it is difficult to say which hair loss treatment is the best for an individual patient.  It often boils down to the cost and how the particular treatment will fit-in to a person’s schedule or lifestyle. As far as an investment though, hair restoration is a more guaranteed solution for hair loss, and as many would agree, worth the money spent.


As a final note, the ‘New’ Trademarked MAX DENSITY® Hair Restoration Procedure performed by Dr. Bruce Marko, is the most ‘cost effective’ and best option of all hair transplant procedures on the market today.  MAX DENSITY®  provides the ‘best result’ because with one One Procedure, you’ll get Double The Density when compared to the typical Pay-By-The-Graft surgeries.

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